Our Phoenix law firm is dedicated to providing comprehensive family law representation. We understand the emotional and financial issues you may be facing due to divorce. We represent individuals on both sides of the spousal support issue – those seeking support and those facing the financial obligation. Our goal is to help you and your family heal from the painful effects of divorce and become productive members of society.

Revised Guidelines
At Clark Family Law, P.C., we understand the recent changes to spousal support guidelines. Spousal support is no longer calculated and determined by state formulas. Now, a judge has discretion in determining spousal support. Our Phoenix spousal maintenance attorney knows how judges review divorce cases, and can provide insights into possible outcomes for your case.

Support Considerations
The first part of the spousal support statute contains guidelines to determine if the spouse seeking maintenance qualifies. If so, the judge must consider a wide range of other factors to determine the amount of support and its duration.

When determining support, judges review, among other things:                                                                                           The financial needs of both parties
The length of your marriage
The ability of the person seeking support to be financially self sufficient without maintenance
Whether the spouse being asked to pay support can afford the payments.