At Clark Family Law, P.C., we help clients with every aspect of their divorce, including the division of property. We know that divorce can be a difficult time. Our goal is to help you recover from the painful effects of divorce by giving you the advice and representation you need to move with your lives.

Community Property
This means that all community property will be divided equally in your divorce. Community property includes all assets and debts acquired during your marriage such as:
Business interests
Retirement assets                                                                                                                                                                                     Real estate and investment property
Antiques and collectibles
Credit card debts, mortgages and other debts
We are skilled at handling complex property division issues, such as the valuation of business interests or retirement assets. In high-value cases, we consult business valuation experts and other financial experts in order to value assets and debts. With all of your assets and debts, our legal team can help you determine if property is marital or separate so you receive your equal share of the marital estate.

Division of Property for Service Members
There are special procedures and laws pertaining to the division of military pensions, retirement assets and benefits. If you or your spouse has been in the military, we can help you determine the value of the benefits and what portion of those benefits are marital property.