At Clark Family Law, P.C., we can help you with post-decree modifications to your court-ordered divorce agreements. We understand how changes in your life can impact every aspect of your divorce. We represent clients pursuing modifications, or changes, to their agreements and orders. We also represent clients whose situation may be affected by an ex-spouse’s request for a modification. Our goal is to help you and your family heal from the painful effects of divorce and become productive members of society.

Various Changes in Circumstance
Our  modification lawyer understands the complex guidelines governing post-decree modifications. Basically, any situation that causes a party to not be able to fulfill their obligation or is not in the best interest of the children may qualify for a modification. These can include:
-Losing a job
-Drug addiction
-Medical conditions
-Parenting plan deviations
-Military reassignments
Our modification lawyer can determine whether or not there are grounds to modify a court order. Oftentimes one parent may make bad decisions. While the decisions may cause frustrations and concern, they might not qualify for a post-decree modification. Our guidance can help you establish and maintain realistic expectations about your case.

Opposing Modification Requests
You don’t have to go along with a request. If you don’t agree with your ex-spouse’s reasons for modifying an agreement, we can help you oppose it. We can review the facts presented to see if they are correct. If factors for modification do exist, we can try to reach a stipulation of an order.

Military Issues
Our  modification lawyer,  was a lieutenant serving as an Airborne Ranger in Vietnam. His firsthand military experience helps him provide guidance to military families across the country. He understands how deployments, relocation and other issues can affect court order obligations. Don’t hesitate to contact our firm to discuss your situation.