Our family law firm has extensive experience providing resolutions to complicated divorce issues. Our family law practice, however, extends beyond divorce. We understand how legal separation may offer favorable results to your marital issues.

Two Types of Legal Separation
There are basically two types of legal separation. Unlike filing for divorce, there are no domicile regulations. And you can convert a legal separation into a divorce upon proper application. Our Arizona legal separation lawyer has experience helping couples with:

Informal separation: Both parties decide to live apart for awhile without involving the court.
Formal separation: Both parties file a court order of legal separation, which outlines the rights held by each party.

The key difference between a divorce and formal legal separation is that your divorce dissolves the marriage, whereas a legal separation provides directions but the marriage still exists.

Military Couples and Legal Separation
Retired military couples typically have access to military commissary, medical benefits and other resources. If a military couple divorces, the non-service spouse loses benefits. However, with a legal separation, both parties retain military benefits.