At Clark Family Law, P.C., we understand the devastating effects of emotional and harmful situations involving your children. We also realize that most family law judges hear so many cases involving allegations of abuse and neglect that they place a high standard on emergency orders. While emergency orders are always taken seriously and reviewed, they are rarely granted, unless very significant reasons exist.

Zealous Representation
Our Phoenix emergency order lawyer understands that protecting your child is your first priority. However, he also realizes that your idea of an emergency may not match up to how a judge would consider the situation. Unfortunately, in most cases, unless your child has suffered severe blood loss, bruising or broken bones, you may face roadblocks in pursuing an emergency order.

We are committed to providing zealous representation. Our Phoenix emergency order lawyer can collect appropriate evidence to support your case. He can:

-Collect medical records
-Talk to your child’s teachers and caretakers
-Take photographs of injuries
-Defense Against an Order
Please don’t hesitate to contact our firm if your ex-spouse has requested an emergency order related to the care of your child. Our Phoenix emergency order lawyer has experience on both sides of the issue. He can investigate the order and discuss your situation according to Arizona law. He is committed to providing effective representation for complex family law matters.