Can a Personal Injury Claim lead to better medical treatment? |

Can a Personal Injury Claim lead to better medical treatment?

If you have been wishing to know how to sue NHS, then you are in the right place. Although NHS plays an integral role in British society, it has limited resources to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for healthcare and patients wait for a long time to see a medical expert. The long wait negatively affects the general well-being of patients preventing them from resuming their normal work duties.

A personal injury (PI) solicitor will help you better understand the Rehabilitation Code

The Rehabilitation Code mandates PI claim solicitors with the obligation of considering whether the claimant either needs rehabilitation or treatment. In some cases, the plaintiff may require personal aids like a mobility scooter or effective adaptations to the home like a stair lift. The claims solicitor needs to examine the needs as soon as possible to ensure the claimant resumes the official or normal routines as soon as possible.

Identifying the treatment requirements

The claims solicitor should prioritise the rehabilitation needs of the client. The personal injury claims’ Pre-action Protocol encourages both the insurer and the claim solicitor to fully adhere to the Rehabilitation Code to identify the rehabilitation and the medical needs of the plaintiff, as well as, the possible costs. In the initial consultation with the claimant, the claims solicitor should prioritise the rehabilitation or medical needs.

Based on the impact of the claimant’s accident, he or she may require psychotherapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The claims attorney also has a responsibility of informing the client’s insurer about the rehabilitation or medical needs as timely as possible to prevent any delays in medication and recovery.

Hiring a certified professional to perform the assessment

If the solicitor is not in a position to assess the rehabilitation or medical needs, the Rehabilitation Code includes a provision for hiring the services of a qualified professional. Both the defense and the claiming parties must first agree on the identity of the organisation or person performing the assessment as soon as possible. A PI claim solicitor with vast experience on how to sue NHS will recommend either a telephone interview or face-to-face meeting based on the complexity of the case. In most cases, the assessment takes two weeks.

The role of a case manager

If you have no idea on how to sue NHS, a case manager is very essential to you and your family. The case manager obtains the claimant’s medical documents and makes the medical arrangements on behalf of the plaintiff. The case manager consults the GP and schedules medical appointments on behalf of the claimant. The case manager then sends the medical records the insurer and the claims solicitor. The insurer takes three weeks to make a decision on whether to compensate the claimants or not. Once the insurer makes the payment, the case manager arranges for treatment as soon as possible.

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